Hello Cast and Crew,

Tomorrow is the day! We are prayerful that God will get the glory as we tell the greatest story every told.

A few things...

  • Rehearsal starts tonight at 6:00 PM. Please be on time. 
  • If you are also singing on Sunday, that rehearsal starts at 5:30 PM. Also, please be on time.
  • Tonight is a DRESS Rehearsal. So, if you can come a little earlier to put on your costume, please do. Remember, everyone (not just girls and women) should be wearing a head covering of some sort.
  • Adults, please adopt a young townsperson to be your responsibility tomorrow. Keep them close to you in the crowd and the town
  • EVERYBODY: There were no cell phones in 1st Century Jerusalem. We ask that you do not have your cell phone with you during the play. Parents, we ask that you keep your child's phone. Now, they didn't have smartwatches or fitness bands (but if you can cover it, you can wear it...just make sure it's not going to ring)
  • Don't look directly into the lights!
  • Things to Remember for Tomorrow: DO get a good night's rest this evening. DO wake up in enough time to be here for 10:00 AM. DON'T put on (a lot) of cologne or perfume. DON'T forget to pack your sandals. DO put on deodorant and if you know you sweat, bring some to refresh during the day. DON'T fill up the parking lot. DO come with a commitment to do your very best. DO pray for this illustrated sermon. DO invite your family and friends and neighbors and coworkers. 

Food for Tomorrow: 

  • We'll have some breakfast snacks out in the morning.
  • We'll return to the easy-peasy pizza and salads for lunch. If you want to run out and get something else, that's fine...we just need you back by 4:30 PM.
  • Please let me know if you want pizza or salad or if you are getting food on your own. Everybody, please click here AND respond by 3:00 PM. 

Oh, we recorded last night's rehearsal (without any camera operators) so I could check audio and video. You can check it out by clicking here. Or copy and paste this...https://streamyard.com/vwdpzw6kdiy4


  • There were some times when the crowd zoned out. You have to stay engaged.
  • Younger dancers on the stage need to give as much energy as Ms. Janelle or come down to the floor.  
  • During Pastor Gilliam's song, everybody can't have a hand, arm, or shoulder injury. Jesus healed all manner of diseases be creative (but not offensive)
  • Those with lapel microphones, try to get comfortable with it tonight. Place it where we can hear you best and it's not rubbing against your clothes.
  • Those without mics, SPEAK UP! The camera didn't catch most of you speaking.
  • Don't have your back to the audience when you are speaking. Turn at an angle.
  • Even if you think you are smiling enough, smile more. If you think you are looking sad enough, look even more sad. Be overdramatic. 
  • In Jesus, God gave us God's best. Let's commit to give God our best at 12:00 PM and 5:00 PM tomorrow. 

That was more than a few. Sorry, but thanks in advance for adhering to it all. 

Love you guys, and see you later.