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Dear Members of Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Church:
In May, we shared that our church's leadership team made the decision to remain closed because of uncertainty regarding this infectious disease that is wreaking havoc on our community and country. We want to return, but only when it is safe to do so.
We know that in many ways, reopening will be much more difficult than closing. While we are unsure of many things, of this we are certain, we will not return to in-person worship until we have adequately addressed the following points:
  1. We must be able to provide the safest environment possible for all those who attend Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Church worship services, and in particular, the most vulnerable within our community;
  2. We must operate in compliance with all state and local regulations such as limited capacity, masking, social distancing, and protecting our most vulnerable; and
  3. We must have a process to facilitate healthy spiritual growth for those in our community, both online and in-person. This includes corporate worship as well as Bible Study or Church School for people of all ages who may not yet feel comfortable returning to the church building in person. Right now, we do not have the technological infrastructure to do both at the same time. While we are not gathering, we are working on getting to the point where we can do this seamlessly.

The Reopening Team - which consists of the Pastor, Executive Minister, Music Coordinator, three deacons, three trustees, and two members who have experience in the healthcare field - met and recommended that the church remains closed through at least September 30, 2020. At that time, we will take note of the coronavirus' impact in our area, as well as, considering other health concerns (i.e., flu season). Depending upon the current situation, steps will be made to reopen over the next 30-60 days or an alternative schedule will be presented to the congregation.

Thank you for your patience and prayers. Please stay connected by participating in our Prayer Calls, Virtual Bible Study, and online worship. Also, if you are able, commit to continue giving so that the work of the ministry can continue.


Rev. Tyrone Nelson, Pastor
Trustee Robert Brown, Chairperson
Deacon Wanda Cherry, Chairperson