Greetings Women of The Mount,


We hope that you will join our Women’s Day Chorus this weekend, among the other amazing activities taking place at The Mount. Please join us for rehearsal on Saturday, March 16, 2024 at 10:30 AM, as we prepare for Sunday morning service. We will be rendering one selection, “You Brought the Sunshine” by The Clark Sisters. You can view the lyrics and YouTube links below. Please share with anyone you know that may want to join us. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday. Have a blessed day.


Best Regards,


SMZBC Music Ministry



“You Brought the Sunshine”



You made my day

You came my way

You heard me every time I pray

You gave me peace

You gave me grace

You put a smile upon my face



You brought the sunshine in my life

Threw out the lifeline

You brought the sunshine in my life

Threw out the lifeline

Since that I have found Christ

There has been such a change in my life


Verse 2:

Jesus is the answer

He breaks ever fetter 

It really doesn’t matter


No matter what the problem 

God can always solve ‘em

Cast your cares upon him 



I’m a witness

That Jesus 

Will make a difference in your life

(Repeat as directed)

Lead- “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound”

Choir- That saved a wretch like me



You made, You made my day

You came, You came my way